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Haws Indoor Copper Watering Can with Gift Box – 2-Pint/1-Liter


A great gift idea for a passionate gardener.




Haws Indoor Plastic Watering Can – 1 US Pint




Hanging Plant Waterer – 32-Ounce


A must, if you have hanging plants. No more getting on stools or taking it down every time you need to water it.



Plastic Wash Bottle – 250mL


Incredibly useful for watering small plants. Large cans, or bottles displace soil when you water, as the spout releases too much water at once.



Plastic Spray Bottles – 24 Oz. Pack of 3



ThermoPro Indoor Humidity & Temperature Monitor


A very underrated tool by amateur gardeners. Humidity and temperate greatly effects how often you need to water!



Glass Spray Bottle – 16 oz



Brass Mister – 3.2oz


Much nicer to look at than a plastic spray bottle 🙂



Pressurized Pump Garden Spray Bottle – 2 Liter